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Procrastinator! I’m pointing my finger right at you.

Sometimes, I reach a point where I am saturated with writing.  I just feel emptied out of all the words, and I go blank.  I stare at stuff, or I get distracted online.  This happens occasionally, and it’s natural.  Procrastinating is fun, and wasting time online is fun too.  But keep that crap in check, because it can get away from you.  Instead of gazing at your screen, go three dimensional.  Look out your window.  I know, right?  I’m a genius.

That is, if you are in a room with a window (oh I hope you are).  If not, maybe grab a notebook or a laptop and move locations.  Daylight can do wonders for your brain.

So you’re looking out of a window.  Write everything about that.  Describe the day, what it looks like and probably feels like, any people or animals you see.  What you can envision happening outside your window.  Write about the window itself, and what kind of characters might find themselves looking out of a window such as yours.  How can you change the scene?  Manipulate it, make your window into something else.  You can do anything.  Anything.  That’s the superpower of being a writer.  You are a god, you control it all.  Just don’t make it too much work.  The point is to let your mind wander, because that is what it wants to do.  You are guiding it, but sometimes…letting go is the best thing you can do for your writing.

Here’s my window.  I’m in a basement.  Most of the time I write upstairs with my first generation macbook (what a trooper) because it’s cold downstairs.  So I have a space heater going.  And two cozy blankets wrapped around my legs, a heating pad on my back on top of my sweatshirt but under my down vest, and a hat I bought in college made from alpaca wool from a guy from Peru.  The country.  Super warm.  Not the country.  The hat.

See, I’m procrastinating right now.  So here’s my window.  No go look out yours and write it up!



One comment on “Procrastinator! I’m pointing my finger right at you.

  1. MissTiffany
    December 6, 2012

    I’ve definitely reached that point of being completely saturated with writing recently. My brain literally felt fried. But we did just come out of NaNoWrMo, so I think that is understandable…

    I know what you mean – sometimes you just need a change of scenery to get the creative juices flowing again, and daylight (or moonlight) does do wonders!

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