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For when you’ve hit a brick wall.

Ellen Grey Carter YA Fiction Author Writer's Block Prompts

Have writer’s block?  Here’s a prompt for you.

Stare at the wall in front of you.  Write something about that wall.

No.  Write everything about that wall.

Get creative.  I want to know about the texture, but also the feelings it evokes.  Not just what it looks like, although get nitty gritty with that too.  Write until you feel like your brain will explode with all of the wall-ness.

Want an example?

The cold seeping from the wall in front of me sank into my flesh.  I shivered from deep in side.  The faded white paint was glistening.  I couldn’t help it, I reached out to touch it.  It was slick with sweat.  The storm outside had reached an intense level, but I had never seen a wall sweat from a storm.  My fingertips slid on its surface, and I quickly snapped them back to me.  The wall had been brought to life by the storm, like Frankenstein’s monster.  I sought its protection, but was repelled by it, all at once.

Every time I do this, what comes out is completely different, yet the wall never changes.  Go on as long as you need to get those creative juices going.  Sometimes describing something mundane and ordinary can lead you to new extraordinary places.


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