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Works In Progress

As The Rain Fell

Amidst great personal tragedy, Aeryn Bridges is offered a choice by a dark stranger. Going with him would give her a life of meaning and adventure. As Aeryn begins to adjust to her new life, she is thrust into the ultimate battle between good and evil. With the fate of Anzaris in her hands, she must learn to balance her newfound abilities and to hold on to her heart. But who is she to carry the power of light in dark within her? And what secrets surround the people she thinks she knows? Facing surprises at every turn and surrounded by suspicion and betrayal, Aeryn must choose whether to fight or to succumb to the darkness like so many before her.

Unable to remember who he is, Seth wanders from town to town, always on the move and avoiding any chance of feeling whole. His encounter with Aeryn sparks vicious memories and forces him to confront his painful past. Will Seth, afraid of betraying those he loves, abandon his friends and break Aeryn’s heart? Will history repeat itself or will Seth and Aeryn learn from the past and defeat the darkness that threatens to leave the hearts of Anzaris cloaked in shadow forever?

37,000 words, first draft complete

Sanctity: Book One: For The Sake Of Us Series

When an unlimited renewable resource is discovered and implemented in all aspects of life on Earth, the galaxy takes notice.  To keep Syla safe, her father orders Earth’s only human-like artificial life form to protect her, setting in motion a series of events no one could have predicted.

23,000 words, outline complete


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